By Most Rev. Richard W. Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ad Limina 2017 (Part 3)

We are all called to be saints. That fundamental and universal call of all the baptized – to be holy, to be saints – was underscored by our visits today. At the Congregation for the Causes of Saints we met the Cardinal Prefect and some of his officials, who together govern this dicastery, which is responsible for guiding the process of discerning the possibility of blessedness or sainthood for candidates who are proposed to it.
Bishop Vital Grandin is laid in the crypt at St Albert Parish.
The meeting was very informative. They provided us with a list of Canadians whose 'causes' are currently under consideration by this Congregation. Of the three from Western Canada, two are connected with the Archdiocese of Edmonton: our first Bishop, Vital Grandin; and Brother Anthony Kowalczyk. Let’s continue to promote the advancement of these causes by our prayers. 
I happened to notice that my own name was not on the list. Must have been an oversight. Either that, or Bishop Bittman deleted it. 
Brother Anthony Kowalczyk's (aka Frere Antoine) grave at Mission Hill
Holiness, of course, is not something we can achieve on our own. That is impossible. Only God creates saints, and he continuously pours out his grace and mercy upon us in order transform us into the saints he calls us to be. The privileged place for the reception of this transformative grace of God is, of course, in the sacramental liturgies of the Church, above all in Baptism, Penance and, of course, the Eucharist. Thus, it was very appropriate that our next visit was to the Congregation dedicated to Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. There we brought to the Cardinal Prefect and his collaborators some liturgical questions that we are pondering, and received from them some very helpful suggestions and direction. 

Eucharist at St Peter's Basilica
The Eucharist cannot be celebrated without the ministry of the priest. Those called to the priesthood therefore exercise a very important role in our own ongoing sanctification. Indeed, the life and ministry of the priest was our next focus of discussion as we met with the top officials of the Congregation for Clergy. This gave us an opportunity to discuss the great gift that we find in our priests, as well as some of the many challenges they face, particularly when their ministry takes place in remote northern regions. From the responses of the Cardinal Prefect and those with him, it was clear that they took these concerns to heart and shared with us a deep appreciation for the faithful exercise of ministry exercised by the priests in our dioceses. 

At the end of the day we gathered at one of the major Basilicas visited on every ad limina visit, St. John Lateran. This is the Church of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope). Just as every Bishop has his cathedral Church in his diocese (e.g. S. Joseph’s Basilica in Edmonton) so, too, does the Pope in his capacity as Bishop of Rome. As such, this Church is yet one more symbolic reminder of our communion as Bishops with the Successor of St. Peter. Mass was presided by Regina’s Archbishop Donald Bolen, who invited us to offer the sacrifice of the Mass for his predecessor and our good friend, the late Archbishop Daniel Bohan. 

In these many ways, the events of the day were a striking reminder of the goal of every Christian life: growth in holiness. Especially during this season of Lent may our hearts be especially open to the mercy of God, without whom such growth is impossible.
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The Apse at the Basilica of St John Lateran.